Sunset at Ashbridge's Bay in Toronto

Sunset over IBM and Toronto

Last Thursday (June 26, 2014) was my last day at IBM. After 8 years and 3 weeks, I have moved on to something new and completely different.

  • BIG company → small company
  • integration technology → mobile technology
  • delivery lifecycle focus → digital experience focus
  • creating and promoting open technologies → evaluating and using open technologies
  • communication and evangelism → communication and evangelism
  • client and business partner enablement → client and business partner enablement

Well, as you can see, maybe not completely different, although exactly what I’ll be doing is still emergent, even to me.

Sunset at Ashbridge's Bay in Toronto

Another big change is that we’re moving from Toronto to Raleigh. This is likely the most stressful and adventurous part of the package! Hopefully the hard work of the actual move will be uneventful, like the part of the story that the movie always leaves out, but that we’ll have (at least family) movie-worthy adventures in North Carolina!

It has been an incredible 33 months working on OSLC, and an amazing 8+ years at IBM. I’ve been privileged to work with some of the best people in the industry – at IBM and at clients and partners – and I’ve made friends from among them.

I’ve been blessed, and continue to be.

voting at a ballot box

Are you Open for Collaboration?

Nominations are open for the OSLC Steering Committee – self nominations are OK

On May 30 OASIS COO Scott McGrath opened the nomination period for the OSLC Steering Committee. This year 4 of 7 seats are available, those having been held by: Dave Ingram of Accenture, Mark Schulte of Boeing, Bola Rotibi of Creative Intellect, and Mik Kersten of Tasktop.

voting at a ballot box

On May 29 Mik Kersten had resigned his seat (OASIS login) so that Dave West could stand in his place for this election:

Tasktop’s interest in OSLC is increasing … Dave West, Tasktop’s Chief Product Officer, is responsible for our product strategy and delivery … [and] his passion and vision for the future of ALM, DevOps and integration makes him a fantastic candidate for the role.

I'm Open for Collaboration

So we “know” one candidate, and I’ve heard rumors of up to another 4. But don’t let that scare you! If you believe you can contribute a valuable perspective to the direction of OSLC, get yourself nominated! (Scott’s email has more details about that.)

The nomination period closes on Friday, June 13, and the election period should run June 16-30.

Boat racing in rough water.

Open Technology, Open Throttle

This year’s IBM Innovate conference opens this coming Sunday, June 1, and it’s theme is Innovate @ speed. From 4-6 PM that Sunday, the Open Technology Summit will explore how open technologies can be used deliver the right product and software faster and with higher quality. Not only will the event feature a series of infotaining lightning talks and a panel discussion (more details below), there’ll be beer and gourmet popcorn! (If you prefer wine, no need to whine, there’ll be some of that too.)

Whether you’re looking to (improve how you) leverage the Cloud or get your Mobile strategy in order; to deliver more complex planes, trains, and automobiles faster, while proving compliance with more complex regulations; or managing out-sourced projects using established and emerging technologies, you won’t want to miss the Open Technology Summit!

Boat racing in rough water.

Full Details: Open Technology Summit @ IBM Innovate

Date & Time: Sunday, June 1, 4-6 PM
Location: Southern III ballroom (Dolphin)
Sponsors: Array Networks and SODIUS


Special Appearances

Lightning Speakers

  • Daniel Berg, Distinguished Engineer, CTO DevOps Tools & Strategy, IBM Rational
  • Erik Burckart, CTO, PointSource
  • Chris Ferris, Distinguished Engineer and CTO Cloud Interoperability, IBM
  • Andrew Hately, Distinguished Engineer and CTO Cloud Performance, IBM
  • Andreas Keis, Head of Systems Engineering Processes and Platforms, Airbus Group
  • Dave Methvin, President, jQuery Foundation



  1. Welcome: Angel Diaz and Kevin Stoodley
  2. Executive Kickoff: Kristof Kloeckner
  3. Lightning Talks Round 1:
    • Andrew Hately: OpenStack
    • Chris Ferris: Cloud Foundry
    • Andreas Keis: OSLC/Integration
    • Erik Burckart: Cordova/Mobile
  4. BREAK
  5. Panel Discussion: open technology’s role in product and software delivery
  6. Lightning Talks Round 2:
    • Dan Berg: Bluemix
    • Dave Methvin: jQuery
  7. Closing Remarks: Jerry Cuomo